LED Clock
LED Clock
LED Clock

LED Clock

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LED Clock:

  • Program your own custom LED Clock as a Maker, Tinkerer, or Engineer
  • Learn about light, Snell’s law, Index of refraction, colour theory and more while building a practical project that fun, exciting and flexible
  • Learn about Oscillation, signals, binary counting
  • Learn programming and the importance of the modulus and math operators
  • Includes Materials for one LED project kit, Arduino Microcontroller, USB cable, USB plug
  • Video lessons, activities, and code for this project can be found on our website

This project kit was designed, developed and manufactured by our team of Engineers and Educators in Vancouver Canada.  Our headquarters is located at 276 E 1st Street North Vancouver BC Canada.  ZenMakerLab was one of the very first maker labs focused on education for youth around Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).


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